Werner “Edelweiss” von Stein

Werner "Edelweiss" von Stein
ger Germany
Safety Officer, Combat Pilot
Current Team
Werner “Edelweiss” von Stein, Team Vondrone
X Class

The man, myth, and drone pilot legend, Werner is the founder of the SF Drone School Research Center located on San Francisco’s Treasure Island. Werner is fluent in DJI, cameras, building, and German. On weekends, he donates his time to teach build-a-thon classes at the Hiller Aviation Museum’s Drone Plex in Silicon Valley or organizing events with Bay Area’s Aerial Sports League. What Werner doesn’t say in words he says with eye roll. A great pilot and an all around good guy, he is the man behind the scenes, locating hard-to-find equipment and making things happen. What other team members call “impossible,” Werner seems to magically make appear, usually accompanied by an off hand comment of “It’s easy.”